Exclusive tips for raising money when unemployed


Unemployment is always a source of frustration, worry, and fear. It slowly chokes your dreams and ambitions, creating an even better avenue for stress and frustration. Getting loans becomes problematic and even more so in times of emergency. To avoid confusion and panic, here are some simple ways to raise money when unemployed.

Don’t be afraid to accept money

Avoid creating debts when unemployed. Be willing to accept financial assistance from your relatives and friends, particularly those who are close to you. Open up to them about your situation, and do not be afraid to request for their assistance. Alternatively, raise money urgently through fundraising. Start by reaching out to friends and family first and remember to be your own first donor with whatever little amount you have. Most donors will be motivated to donate once they realise the ball is already rolling.


Doorstep loans

Loaning is a smart move to raise money in an urgent situation. However, when you are unemployed, a loan becomes unattainable. You need not worry because doorstep loans are your way out. This is because with doorstep loans, your credit history will not be an issue and you will not need to offer any collateral nor produce any documents.

To get a doorstep loan, visit any doorstep lender and fill in an application form. Once you submit your form online, the agency will approve and later send a representative to confirm your address and deliver the cash at your doorstep. Ensure you request to see the agents’ identification just to be sure you are not dealing with a loan shark.


Don’t be choosy; do any quick job

Raising money when unemployed could be as easy as volunteering yourself at a research firm. You can be sure of earning a few pounds once you offer your opinions and take part in the research study.

When choosing a quick job, remember to remain open minded enough since the job is only a temporary means to maintain you. Most temp jobs won’t require any interviewing or documents so it’ll be easy securing one of these. They also offer weekly payments as a quick alternative to making money.

Unemployment compensation

Unemployment compensation will benefit you if you are involuntarily unemployed. Visit the employment office in your city and file in an application. Once you meet their required criteria such as being laid off from work and not because of misconduct, you will be receiving benefits as soon as possible.